Archives and records management

Records management has been a key part of our specialist offering since 1987. We have an unparalleled track record of recruiting and training records managers for organisations within the UK, Europe and Far East. This covers a whole spectrum of roles, from those focusing on the development and management of programmes to managing paper and electronic records. They include records and document management strategy; records audits; data protection and information rights. Then there are those focused on developing policy, legislation, file structure and retention requirements, or data and content search and metadata specialisms.

TFPL have an established network of records management professionals. We provide qualified permanent recruits and contract, interim and temporary staff at all levels of seniority. Our position in the industry has enabled us to help numerous organisations in developing effective records management functions to ensure:

  • legislative compliance, data content and policy alignment
  • digitisation and a move from paper towards electronic records
  • the implementation of EDRMS and new systems and technologies
  • records and document management is promoted across complex organisational structures
  • the increasing prominence of information governance and compliance
ILX-Recruitment Suehill