Library and information management

Information management practitioners have a range of job titles and functions as they are responsible for managing, organising and making available a vast amount of information. It is about connecting people to the right information, on budget and on time.

From traditional hard copy books and journals to new media and online research subscriptions, librarians and information specialists play a valuable function across a range of sectors.

While there is no typical librarian or information manager, there are a wide range of common attributes that bring people to the profession. In the corporate information world, the fundamental responsibility of the information service will be to develop and provide services, resources and materials that inform and educate. Information workers embrace and thrive on new technology, and at the same time, they have a strong interest in information research, organisation, acquisition and training. Librarianship is a profession that encourages sharing information, opinions and expertise.

You will find qualified and experienced librarians working in every kind of organisation, including but not limited to law firms, financial institutions, media agencies, professional services, management consultancies, the pharmaceutical industry and the academic and public sector. Job titles vary widely, and include: information advisor, library manager, digital librarian, cataloguer, information officer, taxonomist, reference librarian and subscriptions manager. We also find the skills inherent in the role of an information specialist can be transferable; they are valued in role functions such as compliance, due diligence, knowledge management and research analysis.

Library and information-specific qualifications are not essential to start your career, but formal qualifications will enhance your employability and provide a solid introduction to areas of work you could later move into. A good starting point is the list of academic programmes accredited by CILIP, which is the leading body representing the information professions, and particularly librarians and library workers.

TFPL recognises the many different functional areas that fall into the information management and library space. By understanding the sector and the strategic requirements, we are able to source the required skills and experience that underpin successful recruitment in this area.

ILX-Recruitment Suehill