Research, insight and intelligence

Research, analysis and insight are terms which are often be used interchangeably and indicate a range of disciplines and outputs. TFPL has a long history of providing full recruitment and advisory services across a wide range of disciplines, for all major industry segments and business hubs worldwide.

TFPL recognises many disciplines at work in the transformation of data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge into insight and foresight, and analysis into solutions and confident decision making. On a fundamental basis, good research and analysis is the link between sourcing the best available data or information, and from this, producing the best possible insight, context or interpretation.

We differentiate between information services and research services, although the two may be managed together in many firms.

TFPL helps clients to find researchers, analysts, insight specialists and intelligence practitioners with the right blend of intellectual curiosity, communication skills and the ability to create new content and inspire strategic decisions for internal and external customers.

We recognise a range of functional areas within research and analysis, differentiating talent by subject matter expertise, industry, audience and deliverables, and blend of qualitative and quantitative analysis. We have the expertise and networks to source candidates in roles such as strategic analyst; business researcher; industry/sector analyst; thought leadership specialist; corporate finance researcher; and data analytics specialists. We also source research analysts for niche areas such as patents and intellectual property; corporate due diligence; market data; and CRM data specialists. As demand for new skills evolves, so has our positioning. We now find ourselves sourcing more Big Data specialists, for example.

The functional responsibilities of research and analysis practitioners include research to support mergers and acquisitions; corporate development; leadership and innovation. Specialists in this area are often positioned in roles supporting C-suite executives or working as topic specialists within consulting firms. These are the professionals that provide the due diligence and advice behind the uptake of new ideas and partnerships. Skills combine research with financial and macro-economic analyses. In the competitive and market intelligence area, we find CI practitioners and market analysts who are producing the core intelligence to support new products, services and innovation as companies develop new channels to market.

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