Vacancy Details

Information Assistant

Are you looking to kick-start your career as a legal information assistant?

Sue Hill Recruitment
Date Posted 19/07/17
Reference: SK/00001

About the company

TFPL and Sue Hill Recruitment specialise in recruiting Research, Knowledge Management and Information Management professionals. We currently have a number of exciting job opportunities for Information Assistants in the legal sector.

The majority of these roles are based in London, however we also handle jobs across the UK and internationally.

What you'll be doing

Job responsibilities vary according to the specific role, however a general outline of the duties involved is below:
- Research and dealing with information requests
- Library administration
- Collections and subscriptions management
- Managing current awareness alerts
- Knowledge management
- Information procurement administration
- Assisting with training services

Why you’ll be hired

We welcome candidates who have a Library and Information Studies qualification and/or relevant experience as a Knowledge or Information Assistant and who are keen to build a career in the legal information industry.

These jobs will provide invaluable experience to those looking to develop their careers in information and knowledge management.

Why you should apply

We've got some great opportunities for candidates looking to build a career in legal information management.

If you are interested in Information Assistant jobs please send your CV to [email protected] or call me on 020 7378 5456

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