Managed Service Support: TFPL and the 20-Year Rule

This year, the government begins its move towards releasing records when they are 20 years old, instead of 30. As a result, The National Archives will receive records from 1983 and 1984 in the course of 2013, doubling the annual quantity of records to be processed. Then, two further years’ worth of central government records will be transferred to TNA each year until 2022 when the 20-Year Rule will be fully implemented.

At TFPL, we appreciate that is a significant and challenging piece of work. Following discussions with The National Archives and with some of our long-standing clients in government departments, we have prepared a support package to ensure that departments are able to implement the changes as efficiently as possible.

The TFPL managed-service package

TFPL is the UK’s leading recruitment and training agency for information professionals with over 25 years’ operational experience across all sectors. We have access to the UK’s largest pool of information and records management professionals, archivists, cataloguers, and information auditors.

In order to support departments in their preparation for the transition to the 20-Year Rule, we can provide project teams on a fixed-term or flexible basis so that project work can be carried out annually or according to a timetable of your choice. Our project teams consist of:

– Qualified and professionally accredited information specialists for auditing and reviewing
– Staff with subject knowledge and central government experience
– Experienced staff to carry out scanning, packing and transfer
– Security cleared staff
– Strong project management for everything we do

We can quickly assemble teams able to work in or outside London. We guarantee prices based on the size of each team and the duration of the work. Expenses are agreed up front. There are no hidden costs.

Our training service can provide blended learning through instructor led courses, one to one coaching and online teaching to help facilitate the process within your organisation and also to communicate the important principles of information governance and records management to the wider organisation.

The TFPL management team

All projects are overseen by TFPL senior management.

– Darron Chapman, Managing Director, who acts as the Senior Supplier Representative for all projects
– Tracey South, Recruitment manager, who assembles the teams
– John Davies, Head of Consulting, who devises and agrees each project approach


For more details, please contact Darron Chapman on 020 7332 6056/07917 761 309 or via email on [email protected]


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