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Our guides are used by Hiring Managers and Human Resource teams to benchmark their compensation competitiveness within the industry, whilst for candidates coming on to the job market it gives them a better insight into what remuneration they can expect.

Since TFPL was launched in 1985 we have prided ourselves on our understanding of the Knowledge and Information Management Industry. We launched our Salary Survey in 2015 to gain even more in-depth data about the people and organisations we work with and to provide you with an invaluable benchmarking tool. In 2018, we launched our first survey into the industries we work with, starting with professional services firms. we will also be looking more closely at other important areas including the academic and third sectors


Knowledge & Information Management in ProfKnowledge and Information Management in Professional Services Firms – 2018

To gain greater insights into what Knowledge and Information Professionals think are the key drivers affecting them within professional services today, we’ve surveyed knowledge and information leaders from across law, accountancy, management consultancy and real estate. To receive a copy of the full survey report or discuss these findings further, please contact: [email protected]






Sue Hill TFP Salary Survey 2017TFPL and Sue Hill Knowledge & Information Management Salary Survey – 2017

At the time of the last publication in 2016, Brexit had just been voted for. Its effects on employment within the industry have been varied. Whilst we haven’t seen the wide-scale meltdown as predicted pre-Brexit by some, in this, our third annual survey, there has been some impact on our largest multinational clients with time to hire extending and additional sign offs being sought.






PayGap Graph Nov 2017

Library and Information Professionals – bucking the gender pay gap trend?

Our own data, collected from our verified placement data and supported by our Annual Salary Survey, show only a 7 % pay gap overall, across the knowledge and information management profession and in line with the ONS data.


UK Market Research Salary Survey 2016MR Salary Survey

The first complete salary survey specifically targeting the UK Market Research industry has been released by our sister company, Sue Hill Recruitment (SHR).  The survey covers the full range of agency and client-side roles across all sectors and enables the benchmarking of salaries by location.









TFPL and Sue Hill Knowledge & Information Management Salary Survey – 2016

It’s an interesting time to be releasing a salary survey, poised as we are on the brink of what will probably be some major changes to the UK economy in the post-Brexit world. With so much uncertainty in the air, it will be the knowledge and information professionals we’ll turn to for answers.







2015 salary surveyTFPL and Sue Hill Knowledge & Information Management Salary Survey – 2015

The first complete salary survey covering the entire UK library, archive, knowledge, information and records management industry has been released by Sue Hill Recruitment (SHR) and TFPL, the market leading recruitment consultancies.

TFPL Suehill
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