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Client Charter

  • We will always be honest and open in our ability to support your recruitment whilst also providing you with knowledge, expertise, support and guidance on everything from job specifications, candidate availability and market salaries

  • We will provide you with a dedicated Account Manager who will respond to your requirements and be a central point of contact during the complete recruitment process

  • We will be available to meet with you at your offices to review and discuss your requirements as well as to understand the company culture and values in order to make the ideal match

  • All candidates will be fully screened and interviewed, with eligibility and compliance checks carried out in line with UK legislation as well as working with you to ensure any organisational specific requirements

  • We will work hard to use a variety of tools and resources to source the most suitable selection of candidates who will be shortlisted and profiled to you for review

  • We will provide market insights and salary benchmarking where applicable to help you understand the market place and support your recruitment and people strategies

  • Our business will operate under ISO 27001 and 9001 to ensure we comply with these standards on a day to day basis

  • We can provide off site interview rooms to support confidential recruits when required

How you can work with us

  • Keep us updated during your recruitment process

  • Provide feedback on candidate selection, interviews and service in order for us to improve our selection and meet our commitment to feedback for candidates

  • Meet with us to discuss your recruitment, service, company values and culture so we can understand and deliver more in-depth briefs and hone our selection process

  • Honour your commitments to candidates through us during the recruitment process