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Knowledge & Information Management

TFPL has been synonymous with knowledge and information management recruitment for the private sector for more than 20 years. Our dedicated consultants are some of the best networked in the industry with established client and candidate relationships.

Knowledge and information management: Knowledge management is increasingly important within organisations, keeping pace with their need to manage internal knowledge more effectively.

It’s a very broad term which incorporates a range of disciplines to support the effective capture and storage of knowledge which can then be shared and re-used. The knowledge itself covers a wide range of information including documents, employee skills, available resources and previous work history.

Library and information management: Information management practitioners have a range of job titles and functions as they are responsible for managing, organising and making available a vast amount of information. It is about connecting people to the right information, on budget and on time.

From traditional hard copy books and journals to new media and online research subscriptions, librarians and information specialists play a valuable function across a range of sectors.

Archives and records management: Records management is a key part of our specialist offering. We have an unparalleled track record of recruiting and training records managers for organisations within the UK, Europe and Far East. This covers a whole spectrum of roles, from those focusing on the development and management of programmes to managing paper and electronic records. They include records and document management strategy; records audits; data protection and information rights. Then there are those focused on developing policy, legislation, file structure and retention requirements, or data and content search and metadata specialisms.

Research, insight and intelligence: Research, analysis and insight are terms which are often be used interchangeably and indicate a range of disciplines and outputs. TFPL has a long history of providing full recruitment and advisory services across a wide range of disciplines, for all major industry segments and business hubs worldwide.

TFPL recognises many disciplines interact in the transformation of data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge into insight and foresight, and analysis into solutions and confident decision making. On a fundamental basis, good research and analysis is the link between sourcing the best available data or information, and from this, producing the best possible insight, context or interpretation.

Web and content management: The growth of website management and content management has led to increasing overlap with what could be thought of as more traditional library and information skills. Content management is based around metadata, taxonomies, ontologies and information architecture to index and tag content. In turn, this is what underpins websites to make them visible and their content retrievable on search engines.