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Kathy Thistlethwaite

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Kathy Thistlethwaite

Senior Resourcer

I have a background in both recruitment and administration (Childcare/Domestic and Education recruitment) and joined TFPL in 2018 as a resourcer. I am enjoying building relationships and look forward to continuing to do so across the sector. The Knowledge & Information Management space is constantly developing and evolving and offers a great raft of exciting opportunities for candidates at all levels.

Meeting and getting to know our candidates and helping the to find their next role is very enjoyable. It is a great feeling to help a recent graduate start their career in knowledge & information management and to see them flourish and develop in their roles. I also find it very interesting to look at more challenging roles for our experienced candidates.

I’m enjoying liaising with our archives and records management professionals and looking at how technology is increasingly supporting Knowledge & Information roles.


Tell us one interesting thing about you:

I have done fire walking. It’s awesome.


What are your interests?

History and Astrology


What is your favourite song?

Mama Mia! - Here we go again.


When you were a kid, what job did you dream of doing?

Hairdresser - Nicky Clarke


What would be your perfect holiday?

Great beaches, sunsets, walks, good friends, food and wine.


If you could have one super power what would it be?

Time travel


Which three people dead or alive would you most like to spend an evening with?

Jamie Oliver, Deborah Meaden, Stephen Fry


What do you most enjoy about recruitment?

The buzz of finding candidates a fab role and the satisfaction of providing a better than expected level of service.


What is your top tip for candidates and clients?

Be realistic and have a flexible approach.


If you won the lottery what treat would you buy yourself?

Long holidays to Australia and South America and a great party for family and friends.







Kathy Thistlethwaite