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Shelley King

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Shelley King

Marketing & Operations Executive


Shelley has been working at Sue Hill Recruitment & TFPL for the past 7 ½ years. It all started with a chance encounter with Sue Hill herself in a book shop near London Bridge while Shelley was handing out her CV.


A few days after that encounter Shelley joined the Sue Hill Recruitment team in 2012 as the Junior Administrator and has continued her career development through the company. After becoming the company Administrator, she moved on to be the Resorucer for the KIM teams across Sue Hill Rec and TFPL after Sue Hill Rec joined the Progility group in 2014.


Now she is the Operations & Marketing Executive for both companies. Covering everything from the social media accounts, websites, events, compliance, database management and the smooth operation of work flow in the office.


Within her career here Shelley has giving workshops, webinars and presentations at UCL, CILIP, CityLis (City University) and ARA Archive Trainees Group. Covering topics such as CV writing, job hunting, soft skills & hard skills, how to identify your skills and how to promote your skills.

She has successfully continued the development and uphold of both companies Information Security Systems and ensured our reaccreditations of ISO 27001 in May 2019.


With many projects under her belt and more to come keep an eye on this space to see what we will be doing next.



 Quick fire questions:


Tell us one interesting thing about you?           

I have been dancing since I was 6 years old and I've been teaching for the past 4 years.


What are your interests?

Dance, photography, travel, art & culture


When you were a kid, what job did you dream of doing?

Working with animals, a key focus on sea creatures.


What would be your perfect holiday?

Sunshine, somewhere to swim, nature.


If you could have one super-power, what would it be?

To fly.


What do you most enjoy about recruitment?

Building relationships with candidates.


What is your top tip for candidates?

When interviewing you should relax and be yourself. It's common knowledge but we tend to forget in the nerves of it all. Interviews aren’t just for the client, a big part is for you to figure out if you want to work there in the first place. To quote my colleague Lee who expertly put it as this “you already don’t have the job, so don’t worry, you have nothing to loss”. Take comfort in that.


If you won the lottery what treat would you buy yourself?

A house either near the ocean or mountains, both would be great! 

Shelley King