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Japan and the Rugby World Cup - we're nearly there!

Japan and the Rugby World Cup - we're nearly there!

over 4 years ago by Lee Seymour

Rugby World Cup 2019

So here comes the rugby world cup - are you as excited as I am?


Gosh, I’d love to be there! I was in France for RWC2007 and in Australia for the Lions tour in 2001 and that was thrilling, an incredible buzz around the place and the same songs in all the pubs across the cities. I even got to sit next to Mrs Larkham for the Melbourne Test.


With 2 young daughters now I’m probably 12 years from being able to go on a long rugby holiday. Wouldn’t it be a great place to get to explore in between the games too, and you just know that the Japanese are going to be great hosts.


A couple of great clips already, the Japanese schoolchildren’s haka for the Kiwis and the 15000 locals that turned up to watch the Welsh training session, wearing the shirts and singing the anthem


Sure, the Kiwis are favorites, but isn’t it great to feel it’s more open and we have a real chance too? And two cracking games in the first weekend. I cannot wait!